Unlock Idea 3G Net Setter Huawei E1732


Oct 19, 2012
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When it comes to 3G dongles in India, Idea 3G Net Setter Huawei 1732) had been most popular and widely Available. Mostly customers but Unlocked Dongle by default as they can Run Any SIM card in it Which they prefer. to protect Unlocking of Dongles Idea Cellular has developed a new firmware in ti which is very difficult to unlock. Hence we have came with new Method to Unlock Idea 3G Net Setter Huawei E1732 with New and easy way. Lets see some of its features and then Steps.

Unlock Idea 3G Net Setter

There are numerous ways to unlock a Modem or install New firmwares into it. but the question is all are safe? Off course No. because some firmwares are custom modded by third parties so we can’t trust it, hence it is always better to Simply Unlock your 3G Data Card in simple method which will not harm you nor your dongle.
Advantages of Unlocking Idea 3G Net Setter
You can use Any GSM Sim Cards
You can taste the New Mobile Partner (Official Dashboard from Huawei)
You will be able to make call and SMS from new Dashboard
You do not need to Install any Custom ROM or Firmware
This Method is only for Huawei E1732, Don’t try it in any other Variant
Remember: Unlocking a Dongle avoids warranty.
This method is specially for Nee Idea Dongles which have some isue in unlocking
Steps to Unlock Huawei E1732

You will require Sola GSM Calculator (Which calculates unlock pin based on your Modem IMEI)
here is the link to download it

Note Down IMEI Number of your Device. It is usually Written on inside panel of your Modem or Box.
Now Install Sola GSM Calculator and Run it
Now Simply Insert your Huawei E1732 Idea Net Setter Modem into USB Port
Drivers will start Installing, Wait for It

Select Huawei Unlocker Tab enter your IMEI number & Get the unlock code for the device.
Now select the RELOCK option and click the Do Job button.

Now Click on RESET LCK Option and click on Do Job Button

That’s It! You have Successfully Unlock Idea 3G Net Setter Huawei E1732. Now you can Use your Favorite SIM without any issues.

Also Install latest Mobile partner with 5 brand new Themes

This was all about Unlocking Huawei E1732. New Modems are coming with A new Firmware which is very difficult to get unlocked, So this is only method for which is Successfully Working with this Variant. Do not try the same method on any other Device, as Every modem have its Different Unlocking Method.