Use GPRS in Blackberry without BB Plan : Normal Plan


Dec 12, 2012
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This is the trick for the Blackberry phones. The summary is that you can use the normal Internet without recharging with the High BlackBerry plans.
for example you dont have to give RS 450 for the BBM Service. All the other blackberry service will work as normal.

This thing is considered as warez thats why direct Link is not inlcuded and was against the Digital Mobile Policies.

Requirement are :
  • Aerize wifix
  • Blackberry Phone
After Installing this trick just navigate to to Blackberry > Options > Aerize WiFiX

  • Navigate to WiFiX,
  • And set "Enforce" to "Enabled"
  • click "New" button to add a new rule.
A new window will popup. Set the "Name:" to "digitaljanta" or any name you like, then click "Add Host" button and add all of these URLs one by one (without http:// prefix):
and choose any of the following :

Now after performing the all above steps navigate to Blackberry then Option and Aerize WiFix. Now just point the pointer and then Press the BB button and choose the option Edit Entry
Navigate to the last line and Choose Request Format as :

then change it to
http://;deviceside=true;ConnectionSetup= delayed;ConnectionUID=WAP2 trans

Now save the entry by clicking on the Phone. Just give a restart to the phone, means PULL OUT THE battery and re-insert it again.
Give a try atleast three or four time and it will surely worked.