Xolo Q800 Custom ROMs


Apr 16, 2013
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Hello friends
We all know that Xolo Q800 is a very good high end device...so I though there might be a good development is going on about custom ROMs of Q800....
so friends i will keep updating this thread as i know about good development of custom ROMs of Xolo Q800...and i request all of you to share your knowledge in this thread...Thank you!
Installing CWM Recovery Or TWRP Recovery on Xolo Q80o

Hey Guys, After a long wait finally I have finally ported a working CWM recovery for Xolo q800.

(note : This Procedure is not mine, I cannot assure this will work on your device, I have successfully installed this CWM on my device with this method which i found on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2200343, All credit goes to developer of this Post for letting us know the Procedure)
First Things to Know,
1) Xolo Q800 can be un-bricked with tool named SP FLASH TOOL
so don't worry if you are facing a boot-loop (Your phone is freezing on Xolo Logo)
2) There is no other method than installing CWM (or TWRP) Recovery to Root your phone (to give phone Superuser Access)
3) There are Three Other Same Phone Models in other Countries Known as Gionee Dream D1, AllView p5 Quad and Fly IQ446 (their ROM's could work on this phone as their Hardwares are same.

Install CWM Recovery (or TWRP Recovery)
(do at your own risk, I am not responsible if your device bricked or exploded or get any kind of damage :P)
(note: Procedure to install CWM Recovery and TWRP recovery are almost same, it's upto you which one you wants)
You will need Following Things to Install CWM Recovery (or TWRP Recovery)


1) CWM Recovery (Download Here)
2) TWRP Recovery (Download Here)
3) SP Flash Tool (Download Here)
4) SuperUser (CWM Flashable Zip) (Download Here)
5) Drivers For Xolo q800 (Vcom Drivers - Needed to use with SP Flash Tool) (Download Here)
6) ADB Drivers (Optional if you need for some debugging) (Download Here)

Let's Start

1) Download and Extract SP Flash tool from Above Link
2) Extract VCOM Drivers on Desktop
3) Switch off you Xolo q800 and just plug usb data cable into it, don't switch on device
4) Go to Device Manager and you will see Gxxx (New device)
5) Right Click it (click on update driver and locate Vcom folder you extracted early)
(note: if you are using Windows 8 then you must turn of Digital Driver Signing enforcement to install this drivers successfully) See this to know 'how to do that'
6) After Successfully Installed Driver Start SP Flash tool from Extracted Folder
7) Click on File and select open scatter Loading file
8) Select Scatter loading file from extracted CWM recovery Folder click Open

9) CWM Recovery should automatic Loaded, if not make sure you have selected proper CWM Recovery.img
10) Select Window in Menu then click on Write Memory

11) go to Write Memory, click on Open RAW image, select proper CWM recovery.img, Click on EMMC, set the values as shown in the Image below

12) Remove your phone if connected to USB, Switch it off, we need it switched off only dont connect USB yet,
Click on Write Memory button as shown in below image, after clicking that button then Connect your phone to USB cable (in switched off mode) if you have installed drivers properly it will start the process

13) When you connect your phone, PreLoader will detect your phone and Will start loading, (you will see the RED bar loading)

14) After PreLoader Finishes, Recovery.img will be pushed to your phone, (you will see green bar loading)
15)After Completion you will see a Green OK box, simply close it and done
Congratulations You have successfully installed CWM Recovery,
too boot into Recovery,
Press and Hold Volume+ key and Power On key for 5-10 Seconds and Done!
(some phones will not boot with this Combination, try second one)
Press and Hold Volume+ key and Power On key for 2 Sec, then Release Volume + key for 1 Sec, then Release Power On key for 1 Sec, then again press and Hold Volume + key and Power On Key
or Reboot in Recovery by installing ROM manager on your Device.. :)
Those Who want to install TWRP Recovery should follow same steps with TWRP recovery.img