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Things to Know before Downloading Any Android Game [Other than Playstore]

Discussion in 'Android Discussion' started by Hedgehog, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog ★★★★★

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    So, you are not able to download from playstore due to some reasons? or you want a resumeable download link? so many of you might download from other sources other than playstore....There are some things that you need to know about your device before downloading any Big Game from the internet.So, things are:

    Things to Know before Downloading Any Android Game

    Get information about your GPU present in your Device.Your GPU should match the game's GPU so that it can work properly on your device.

    Always check the never version available of that Game on Playstore or Mobogenie and then Freely Download from any other Source.

    These are some tips and my personal experience says that if you will not follow these tips then some of your games might not work.
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  2. wmnitin

    wmnitin wanna rock again ? Staff Member Administrator ProActive

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    Sometimes google play store detects "incompatible device" but downloading direct apk of that file works, It does not mean that you device lacks something, It just means google play store doesn't have enough data of your phone.
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  3. mukul360

    mukul360 ★★

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    Google has always been a data stealer, it has always been on the news for that. Its like they can't live without that, even if they have to pay for a settlement.
    Yes google playstore does have every bit of information of your mobile even if you are using a custom rom and custom kernel. I don't know how often does it scan but it scans for hardware and software changes. I can tell you that as I have overclocked some of my mobiles but to save battery I use a lower CPU frequency like 1026 MHz and at that level some apps are listed as incompatible in playstore, but when I switch to 1620 MHz, some apps become compitable again.
    The games doesn't show on your play store because every game has a minimum hardware and software requirement even some apps are country restricted, and if your mobile does not meet the minimum requirement, yes you guessed it right, INCOMPATIBLE is what it shows.
    Developers put a minimum requirement to avoid negative feedback like " this game lags" and "this game crashed" etc etc.
    Of course you can download those incomputable games using any apk downloader, install in your device and play, but in some game you will experience lags, slow frame rate and even overheating
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