Download & Watch Torrents without speed limit (better alternative to zbigz)


Aug 12, 2012
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You might be bored by just using the same zbigz for downloading torrents at speed limit of 150 kbps. Well technically this speed is too low for a high size torrent. And for using unlimited, you need to cash out from your pocket.

But not from today as now I am going to tell you a very decent alternative to zbigz that can let you download torrents at highest speed possible and also lets you watch any video/movie online. This site is called Furk.

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Follow the below steps to download from torrents at blazing speed:
  • Goto
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  • Login through your Facebook account (this is the only way to login without any mess!)
  • Click on My File on the top.
  • Click on New tab.
  • Add your file from any option present.
  • After leeching is finished, go to Finished tab and click on download button.
Voila! You are now presented by your download manager to download the file. Click on start download and see the speed! (For better speed, IDM is recommended)

Enjoy and +1 if you liked!