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Facebook Home Turning your Smartphone into Social HUB

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Facebook is a new concept that has been though by the FB team, well they are just trying to make everything instant from the time you unlock your device you are ready to see streams from your news feeds, photo's that has been uploaded by your friends and much more. Well you can easily comment on their photos by sitting on any app and even interact with groups from any place, so overall it's a wonderful experience.

You will be able to add your status, photo or check in stuff from any app or from your smartphone homepage. You would be able to chat from anywhere so its like an universal app that is available anytime anywhere whether you want it or not its right over there. So overall it is rumored that its going to be available only in few model handsets HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 and maybe Galaxy Note 2, well we are not sure about its integration in iOS devices but its would be done somehow.


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