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FlickrUp 4.0 - Signed - Upload Photos to Flickr

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FlickrUp is an easy way to browse & upload photos on Flickr® website. It needs an active GPRS connection or Wi-fi (on Wif-fi enabled devices) to access Internet. FlickrUp is developed using QtFlickr API.
Note: This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

*One time Login required. As login cookie is store using QSettings, no requirement of logging in again & again on every run of app. #This cookie can be cleared using options from menu.
*Browse photostream, photosets, galleries, favorites, flickr’s recent, interestingness, contacts.
*Search photos on Flickr. *Add comments to photos.
*Add/remove photos in favorites. *Add photos to galleries.
*All options that are provided by Flickr for UPLOAD.
*All upload options that are provided by Flickr are provided by this application, namely title, description, tags, privacy options, safety options, content-type & hiding options.
Not open for further replies.