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Nokia Sleeping Screen 1.14.1 - Graphic Mod By Simograndi

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Nokia Sleeping Screen 1.14.1 - Graphic Mod By Simograndi

Simograndi :- After so many themes here is a healthy old-fashioned mod For those not familiar, Sleeping Screen is a screensaver for S ^ 3 (or rather all devices with OLED screen) through appropriate 4-color images allows us to always display the time and any notifications consuming very little energy thanks to the particular technology of the new display (in which pixels are turned off blacks in all respects), all with different backgrounds to choose or custom. In this mod I replaced the animations screensaver series (ugly) with style icons Anna / Belle and I modified 2 wallpapers with what you see in the screen (in style N3RO) and one completely black so you only have the time and notifications (in short, a "Big Clock" improved).

For installation, I can remember only for supported devices from the original (ie NW 5th), you must have the QT 4.7.3 as its components. In case of malfunctions install the original version from the store (which download any missing components), then install this.

To choose the mods you need to select the first type of screensaver (left) as the old one (right) is not editable, while the new themes are "Stairs", ie the one with the red stairs, now in style N3RO and "Back ", ie the one with the 2 circles from various colors that now will be completely empty.

Not much else to add, I hope you like it and if you have not ever tried this app I recommend it, as it is a must have!

Update 24/03: updated to the new version 1.13, which I think only corrects some bugs.

Update 20/06: Updated to v1.14.1, I have not noticed any difference

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