QuakeI / II / III for S60 3rd edition FP1


Mohit Choudhary

This is a modification of Olli Hinkka's port of Quake 3 Arena to Symbian OS. It adds support for N95/N82's in-built accelerometer, which is used as a mouse. This is for all of you people that don't have a BT mouse, or don't like the idea of carrying it around all the time Very Happy
This mod should later be integrated into Olli Hinkka's release.


This modification also features:

1. Improved menu readability through bigger fonts where necessary
2. Fixed console texts
3. A command for setting the zero-point to the current tilt level:
(This can be binded to a key!)
4. Cvars for tweaking:
* accelerometer (default value = 1) --- Turn accelerometer control on/off. 1 = enabled, any other value = disabled.
* sens_y (default value = 0.55) --- Y axis sensitivity, compared to X. Float value.
* deadzone (default = 2) --- The accelerometer doesn't move the mouse until you tilt it by more than the deadzone value from the zero-point (to prevent shaking etc.). Integer value.
* zeropoint_x (default = 4) --- The zero-point, which is the value of the accelerometer's X axis when the mouse should be still. It needs to be 4 on my phone to prevent the mouse from veering to the left (or was it right, I don't remember). Integer value.
* zeropoint_y (default = 40) --- The zero-point for the Y axis. Integer value.

Download here:

Don't forget to read the info on how to install and use from here: