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Stop the Robots v1.1.2

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Stop the Robots v1.1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Win battles to gather resources. Hire a team and unlock their powerful skills.

Robots are taking over the world, invading the last undamaged territories.
Hire the skillful guys from the deep woods to push the robots off to the city ruins where their factory is placed.

Win battles to gather resources. Rank up your characters and Unlock their powerful skills and spells.

Play this beautiful, funny, dynamic defense game. Master the art of destroying armies of robots sent towards you! Beware they are numerous so you should progress wisely!

- Four characters with different skills playing together.
- Vast amount of unique abilities to choose from.
- Spells to empower your team members’ shooting abilities and defensive strengths.
- Mass damage spells over the enemies.
- Ranks for you team members to improve their skills.
- 3 difficulty levels to master.
- Lots of unique enemies.
- Multiple locations.
- Multiple profiles.
- Plenty of achievements to unlock.

Whats new:
- Fence upgrades added.
- 3 new skills to unlock.
- 5 new achievements.
- ARMv7 performance optimizations.
- MIPS and x86 support added.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Not open for further replies.