Symbian Flashing Tutorial



Hacking Symbian Mobiles

As of 23rd june 2011, the only method of hacking a symbian mobile is by flashing it with a cooked firmware.Inspite of being posted so many times am posting this tutorial again because i see there is a lot of requests by members asking help for their cert and key file, although that is practically use less.
Please try this method which is fairly simple and i have tried my best to make it easily understood.


1. Nokia OVI Suite (Installed to PC for backup of personal data )
2. NavifirmPlus (Installed to PC for Download of Firmware)
3. Nokia Cooker (Installed to PC For Editing the Firmware)
4. Installserver For [v9.1]/[v9.2]/[v9.3/v9.4]/[S^3] (Compatible with the phone model)
5. RompatcherLite (For hacking)
6. Phoenix Software Suite (Installed to PC for Flashing Mobile)

Type the code *#0000# in the standby screen to open the Device Manager\Updates of your Nokia Phone and please note down the type and firmware version.
Open the back panel to remove the battery and please note down the product code of your mobile too.

Step 1:
Open NavifirmPlus.

Step 2:
Scroll\Search your phone model and match the RM code.

Step 3:
Now select the firmware version and download the firmware in accordance with the product code of your mobile to your computer.

Step 4:
Open Nokia Cooker v1.1.

Step 5:
Using the cooker go to the location of the downloaded firmware and open a file with the extension “prd.uda.fpsx”
Now you will be able to see the some folders inside the Nokia Cooker Window.

Step 6:
Drag and Drop Installserver.exe compatible with your mobile to :SYS\BIN

Step 7:
Extract the rompatcher lite files.
Now copy the *.ldd files to :SYS\BIN

Step 8:
Now press the save firmware to save the firmware.
This is a hacked UDA file which can be used to flash your file using phoenix.
Once you save the uda file, a backup file with “prd.uda_BACKUP_.fpsx” extension is created which is not needed.

Step 9:
Install phoenix.
Now go to the products folder in the installed location of phoenix.
Default will be
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products

Step 10:
Now create a folder with the RM code, which is same as that of your mobile.
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX
Now copy all the firmware files to this location, excluding the “prd.uda_BACKUP_.fpsx” file which is not necessary as already mentioned above in Step 8.

Step 11:
Connect your mobile phone using your USB cable in PC Suite Mode.

Step 12:
Open Phoenix Suite

Step 13:
The Phoenix Suite will recognize your mobile’s RM code with the corresponding USB Port.

Step 14:
Now go to File and Select “Scan Product”.
Your mobile’s RM code, firmware version etc will now be displayed at the bottom of the phoenix window.

Step 15:
Make sure that the Operating Mode is set to Normal.

Step 16:
Now in the menu bar, go to “Flashing” and Select “Firmware Update”

Step 17:
A new popup window will open inside the phoenix suite which will show you the Product Code, Software version and the variant version.

Step 18:
Now select refurbish to begin the flashing process.

At first phoenix will check for the connectivity after which the flashing process will take place which usually takes abt 5-10 minutes.

Step 19:
After the process has completed, a popup appears stating that the flashing has finished.

Step 20:
Disconnect your USB Cable,
Install RompatcherLite.sisx.

Step 21:
Apply the open4all patch for accessing system folders.
U can install any unsigned/signed apps in your mobile.

Mobile thus hacked
Enjoy a hacked mobile..!!!
In between the source of my tutorial is this very forum.