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[Trial Xtreme 3 v4.5

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Current Version: 4 . 5

Requires Android : 2 . 1 and up
Category : Racing
v 4 . 5 update

recent changes.

* Improved in - app billing
* Improved in - game graphical elements
* Minor bug fixes

Beware ! this Game Will Introduce You to
New Levels of Awesomeness !
Play, challenge your friends , Win !
With over 40 Million downloads (!) and
leading the games charts in hundreds of
countries , Trial Xtreme series is BACK and
it ’ s going to set the bar even higher .
Trial Xtreme 3 , will take your breath away
with its new innovations and amazing
features. Tackle 76 completely original
courses , fighting your friends for the race ,
win while carefully controlling your bike to
ensure that you don’ t fall victim to one of
the many hundreds of mines , water pipes,
or wrecked cars that are standing in your
Race against your friends and the world top
Trials bikers head to head , shoulder to
shoulder to prove to everyone what we
already know - That you are # 1 ! the best
Trial Xtremist out there !
Customize your bike and rider to your own
tastes , then hit the course and win the race
by taking advantage of the brilliant new
social media and offline multiplayer
options, that allows you to challenge
friends or random players even when they
are off line.

What's in this version:
*Added ability to get coins for free
*Minor Bug Fixes


Not open for further replies.