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Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 19 (22409) Handler UI 204

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Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 19 (22409) Handler UI 204

Whats New in Opera Mod 4.21 b19 ? Change Logs are:

6.4.12 Setting the background color and text input fields when displaying pages.
05/29/12 In the network settings added testing of the current settings.
05/26/12 In the backup schedule is added by the server and user codes.
05/25/12 When you install the font size for buttons, links to home in the Disabled, the signature of a link button is not visible - only the icon.
17/05/12 Hot "Start / end / beginning of the text," set to the lower border, in neposredsvennom input moves the carriage to the beginning or end of text.
5.6.12 In the long telephone hold button, change the case of direct entry into the field, changing the current layout to the next, except for the disabled in the settings and digital layout.

Download Attachment :
Not open for further replies.