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Earn Money If you Can Complete Fileice Surveys

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Hello @ll

I am here with an offer to all the users who are good in downloading File-ice Surveys.
If you are one among them, then i have an offer for you.
Get paid for downloading Fileice surveys.

Payment Mode:

  • Mobile Recharges

Payment Terms:
  • Only successful downloads will be paid, for that your submitted authorization code should match mine.
  • I will be tracking unique visits to the survey links as to pay only for genuine downloads.
  • I will be giving different links to everyone who apply, as to keep your tracking easy and unique.
  • It will take up to 3-4 working days to make your recharge once requested to me via PM here.

How can you earn:-
  • Comment below if you are interested in offer.
  • I will pm you the Survey link(s) that you have to complete.
  • Send me the authorization code that you will get after survey completion in file.
  • I will verify the code.
  • According the number of files you have downloaded, i will make recharge on your number when you will say.
  • You can complete unlimited numbers of surveys and get recharges from me.
It is just like you are getting Hired for your talent in this field :D

How much you will be paid:-

Surely right now first thing that is coming in your mind would be that how much i will pay you for every download. So i would like to tell you that i am making a very fair deal here, on every successful download i will give you 40% of my earnings. This is because of conflicting rates of downloads from different country IPs. So it will be beneficial you and me too.

If you have any other questions regarding this offer, comment below.

I request only the Genuine users, who are good and experienced in downloads only reply here.
Not open for further replies.