Solution for using Auto-Rotation problem in android by using tasker app..


Jul 22, 2012
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guys this is my 2nd tutorial about tasker app n this is abt solution for Auto-Rotation problem in android..

Many times while using android with auto-rotation, we ll face problems with the screen rotation like when using android while sleeping, then screen ll be rotated 360 degrees( i mean when u rotate, screen ll rotate again n again). and while using internet, when half a page has been downloaded n suddenly if screen rotate then the page ll be downloaded in landscape mode again.. If u stop using auto-rotation, then pictures wont be rotate n it ll irritate again.. so if u face these problems.. then follow me..

so what this tasker does. this tasker run background until it find for any task to run. so after setting task like i screenshot provided here, once the certain app has been running, within 5 to 10sec tasker runs the certain task what we mentioned before. after existing that app, again in 5 to 10sec tasker runs the exit task r back to normal mode..

1. Off tasker (at right corner bottom) before making any new profile.
2. click + to add a profile n name it to related something abt ur task n click ok r tick symbol.
3. Now choose app n select which app needs Rotation(for me msg n gallery), just tap that app n it ll be selected n click ok r tick symbol.
4. Now create task name. i just named it as R.ON. better name it as u want n click tick symbol.
5. Now click + to add task, n select Display option n select Display Rotation.
6. By default, Set comes with OFF, just tap it n select ON.
7. Select ON in tasker Homepage n run the Gallery. Now the tasker automatically starts rotation when pictures displays. After existing, rotation ll be stoped...

Note: i)If u using custom video player then select this app too r else videos all ll be played in portrait mode oly.. r if using any video player app then select that one too. im using MX video player, this one makes video rotate for me so i didnt select it..
ii) BE-CAREFUL, do not blame me if u misused this app at any cost..

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