UC Browser Mini 8.2 for Android is Officially Released


Feb 13, 2013
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The new UC Browser Mini for Android 8.2 is out, and uc team made several improvements to enhance our user’s browsing convenience. For this version, uc team focused on enhancing the privacy, scrolling, and high resolution features of the browser.

Here’s what’s new in this version:

What’s new:
Incognito Browsing
For your privacy and convenience, we’ve added an Incognito Browsing mode. When you activate Incognito Browsing in the Settings menu your browsing history and data input will not be recorded.

Improved Page Scrolling
For quicker scrolling of a page, you can activate the Top/Botton buttons in the Setting menu. A page up and down button will now appear on the side of all webpages, so you can quickly move up and down a page.

High Resolution Optimization
For those with high resolution phones, the User Interface has been optimized, making them more comfortable to use.

We hope you like these improvements . Download it plz like it...