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[WTS]MTS MBlaze ZTE AC2746 Unlocking Service[EBay]

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100 % Unlocking of MTS MBlaze ZTE AC2746

1. Use any other CDMA RUIM or SIM like MTS, BSNL, TATA Docomo, Reliance etc
2. Tested with above networks
3. MicroSD Card Slot will Not work After Unlock (Sorry)
4. Your Previous MDN Number will not work.
4. Very cheap unlocking service only Rs 200 which includes shipping and RUIM or SIM slot cost.
5. We do not ship this item to West Bengal and north-east place and interior villages and towns, so pls check availability in your place with us before placing the order.
6. We use DTDC or FirstFlight to ship.

For More Information and placing order, visit following Ebay Link.

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