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Android ICS DeviceAnnounced by Nokia

The inevitable happens! There is no denial of the fact that Android is a far more advanced and far more popular mobile OS compared to Nokia’s Symbian. However, Nokia was not really in a mood to give up Symbian and embrace Android and hence, it came up with several updates for Symbian with the latest being Belle and the rumored Carla.
However, after years of enmity, Nokia has finally embraced Android and it has announced new Nokia phones which will be based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The Finns have announced the Feo 800 which will run on Google’s platform. So, Nokia now has handsets with 5 different platforms. Here they are:
- Series 40
- Symbian
- Meego
- Microsoft Windows Phone OS
- Android ICE Cream Sandwich

The Feo 800 is rich in features and specs. It has borrowed ICS from Google, a CPU from Samsung (dual core 1.5 GHz CPU) and it comes with an AMOLED screen of 4 inches (we would have loved it even more if it was SAMOLED) with a resolution of 800×480 pixels, NFC, 8MP camera sensor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 1850mAh battery. This will definitely be the first Android based device which will be sporting navigation solution and offline maps from Nokia.

During the announcement speech, Elop managed to put together really unprofessional and unethical statement. He said: “The Android OS is so ugly that it managed to turn our beautiful polycarbonate monoblock into an ugly slab. Therefore, we decided to call it Feo, which means ugly in Spanish”. Elop, you should not have said this because if Android was so ugly, you should not have chosen it in the first place!!
It is expected that the Feo 800 will be hitting the market in the month of May and it will be available in magenta, black and cyan hues. The device is expected to have a price of Rs. 35,000. So, it is a polycarbonate monoblock with borrowed CPU and an apparently ugly OS and it’s so highly priced! Nokia – Give us something from your own! Symbian isn’t at par with current standards of Android and iOS and Windows Phone and is borrowing aesthetics from Meego and Windows Phone for its upgrade called Carla and you still have big mouth for calling someone else ugly! We are really surprised!


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at last nokia + android , its good

they should have done this at least 2 years before


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You sure.I heard it's a rumour online. I cant find a authentic source.
Agar nokia launch karega to samsung to gaya...


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Nokia with android is good but Its bad this it has ICS not JB though it Hardware looks amazing. I hope bootloader is unlocked by default or else it wont get too much hit as with devs...
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